VULCAN Rectifier equipment cover wide variety of jobs ranging from all types of electroplating power sources. In addition to the latest standard type equipment in above fields of application. Some real marvels are also available in VULCAN offering for the first time to achieve most excellent DC conversion, for example Compared to types & makes (lowest ripple about 5%).our extra low ripple (below 1%) high current unit for hard chrome plating helps to achieve best results.Our all Machine has Yielding quite higher performance to cost ratio compared to any other machines in the market. Built with the latest trends in design and manufacturing, tested to the most stringent standards to offer years of trouble free service Yet, awaiting your evaluation and approval of all virtues for your own applications.


  • Modern looks, novel design concepts
  • Epoxy powder coated body for rust free long life
  • Main Transformer is Doubly wound. Vacuum-pressurised Impregnating varnishing systam and specially treated to withstand acid-fumes.
  • humidity etc. And designed for continuous operation at high efficiency.
  • Regulators: Depending upon application and design. We offer stepless auto transformer type. manual or motorised. Moreover. Other types like thyristorised, saturable core and magnetic shunt type regulators are also available.
  • Silicon Diodes are factory tested. operated under simulated abnormal conditions of actual service and protected against storage charge
  • Current surges and thermal runaway etc. to work round the clock without failure.
  • Controls: Apart from standard operating controls like push button type ON-OFF with contactors etc. We have to offer at an extra price.
  • many Others. Like constant current. Voltage control, timer control to operate the equipment according to preset operating sequence.
  • All machines are rated for continuos at full capacity in a maximum ambient temperature of 45 degree centigrade.


General Data for Electroplating Rectifier Equipment

All above rating are available in both naturally Air and oil cooled versions except those underlined. Whice are offered in Oil cooled versions only.
Note : We reserve the right to modify the equipments and change the specifications without prior notice as a part of the continuous development research policy.


All types of Arc Welding Transformers, Inverter Based Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Pneumatic Spot Welding Machines, Hand Spot Welding Machines, Pneumatic Butt Welding Machines, MIG/MAG welding machines, TIG welding equipments, electroplating rectifiers & step-up transformers.

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