VULCAN Three phase voltage boosters are applied with an objective of using three phase power safely and properly by increasing the voltage as needed in areas where low voltage is a chronically severe problem.


The best booster maintain steady required voltage to the required level easily and appropriately trouble-free performance for years.

VULCAN has been the best amongst all for the last 30 years as evidence from the following points.

Full KVA Capacity: (True KVA labels)

All VULCAN boosters are design and manufacture with sufficient margins thereby allowing the full load continuous use in worst case conditions without degradation or failure any voltage drop. Other makes in the market are generally over labeled and under manufactured resulting into poor performance in voltage raising or load bearing applications. It is very essential o compare “KVA wise performance” before evaluating “only prices against KVAs” for the judicious choice.Max. Voltage boosting capacity: Can raise min. 200 volts line to line 3 phase AC up to 400 volts line to line, 3 phase AC with full KVA loading.VULCAN boosters never get overheat during round the clock usage.Two switches for right adjustment of voltage: with four position single switch as available in other products,only 3 distinct divisions of 200 volts correction range can never achieve 415 volts setting with the required accuracy. VULCAN boosters offer total 15 divisions in the same range of adjustment with the help of two.4 position switches hence always keeping the right voltage in output (i.e. 415 volts) in any situation.Fully oil immersed switches for long life : Both the switches in VULCAN boosters are completely oil immersed, so switch contacts spark during the operation are easily and fully absorbed in the oil avoiding any damage to them and prolonging the useful life resulting into less maintenance over the years. Coil varnishing by vacuum pressurized impregnating varnishing system.

Quality brand switches, voltmeter, steel body, wheels, and heavy terminals are additional virtues of the top rank VULCAN booster.


All types of Arc Welding Transformers, Inverter Based Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Pneumatic Spot Welding Machines, Hand Spot Welding Machines, Pneumatic Butt Welding Machines, MIG/MAG welding machines, TIG welding equipments, electroplating rectifiers & step-up transformers.

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